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For those who don’t know, BDVoter is a curation project on HIve Blockchain that was initiated primarily aiming to encourage BD Hive users who were overlooked even after contributing to the chain with their excellent writing and meaningful engagement. However, the project has branched out to other communities and now manually curates worthy content on Hive including but not limited to creative writing, gaming content, travel blogs, sports talks, movie thoughts, and so on.

Besides, in an attempt to support a healthy ecosystem, BDVoter keeps an eye on @Splinterlands content and supports weekly challenges (Art Challenge, Social Media Challenge & Battle Mage Secrets). As the project strongly stands against plagiarists and spammers, content creators are encouraged to produce high-quality, meaningful, and original content that adds value to the blockchain. In short, we believe in creativity, so, show us the best of you!

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Splinterlands Gaming looking for Fab Four battles

This post discusses the Splinterlands gaming community and the author's efforts to practice English by creating content in the language. The post includes a video where the author talks about battles, strategies, and card usage. The author emphasizes the benefits of practicing a new language through gaming. The post also includes links to a weekly challenge and social media channels for Splinterlands.


Fab Four: Weekly Battle Mage Secrets

This post discusses the Fab Four ruleset in the game Splinterlands, where only up to four units can be used in battle. The author shares a battle strategy focusing on defense against magic and ranged attackers, using monsters with specific abilities to counter opponents. The battle highlights the success of using a monster with magic reflect and support units for healing and cleansing. The author also credits the images and dividers used in the post and invites readers to join the Splinterlands community. Additionally, the post includes referrals to other games like Terra Core, Holozing, Golem Overlord, and Rising Star.


Estas son algunas de las mejores cartas que debes incluir en tus mazos en “Splinterlands” (Splinter de Fuego) [ES-EN]

This post on discusses the importance of choosing the right cards for your decks in "Splinterlands," specifically focusing on the Fire Splinter. The author explains how to find the best cards for each edition using a platform called SplinterStats. They also share their personal opinion on the best cards for the Fire Splinter and provide a tier list of these cards. The post encourages readers to share their favorite cards and engage in discussions. It ends with an invitation to join Splinterlands using the author's referral link.


Four The Win!

This post by @saydie discusses his entry for the Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge with the featured ruleset "Fab Four," which limits players to using up to four monsters in battle. The post includes a detailed description of the ruleset and the battle conditions, as well as a breakdown of the team lineup and the battle itself. The author provides a round-by-round recap of the battle, highlighting key moments and strategic decisions. Ultimately, the author's strategy pays off as they emerge victorious. The post also includes links to previous battles and resources for playing Splinterlands.


The Fantastic Four

This post discusses the "Fab Four" ruleset in Splinterlands, where players can only use up to four units. The author shares strategies and tips for this new ruleset, emphasizing the importance of choosing high-value units. They also provide a detailed analysis of a recent battle using the Fab Four ruleset, discussing their lineup and the opponent's strategy. The post concludes with a request for reader strategies and a referral link for those interested in trying Splinterlands.


Limited Unit with Immunity Ability in Noxious Fumes- FabFour Ruleset

This post discusses the author's strategy for the Splinterlands contest Battle Mage Secrets Challenge, focusing on the FabFour ruleset. The ruleset includes Noxious Fumes and Target Practice and allows the use of Fire, Earth, Death, and Dragon elements. The author uses monsters with immunity to poison due to the ruleset and explains their lineup and strategy in detail. The battle is analyzed, highlighting challenges faced and strategies employed. The author welcomes feedback and provides a referral code for new players interested in trying the game.

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