Injustice becomes justice when the situation is on us

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In this blog I will talk about how we are all at the side of injustice at some point of our life. The readers here are free to share their opinion in the comments so let's get started with the topic for today.


We feel bad for many situations we see for others, we feel bad about what is happening to them but many times the reality is that if we were in the same situation then we would have also done the same to the one who is suffering.

Let me take an example, there was a woman who was motivating a man whose son married a girl from different religion. She was counselling the man to stay strong and accept his son and daughter in law and live happily with them.

But the same woman is also against love marriage when it comes to her house where the boy wants to get married to a girl from the same religion. This is how she is a hypocrite, and this is how she is at the side of injustice when she got the chance to support someone.


There are many other real life examples that you must have seen or heard by yourself. I will quickly give another example here to conclude the topic for the day and then I will welcome anyone in the comment section to share what they think about the same.

There was a man who was motivating another man to let his son do what he wants to do in life. happiness is more important and so the father should let his son decide what he wants to do in life and not only this, but the father should also help him and support him as well.


The same man who was explaining the need of why the other man should let his son follow his dreams will not allow his son to follow his dreams. So that is how we are at the side of injustice many times without any proper reason.

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