Are You READY!?! 6 More HOURS!!!

Authored by @bobthebuilder2

We're all getting ready in different ways. Here's how @troygreen is getting ready...

Uncrating Videos!

We want to invite everyone to do an uncrating video when the Marketplace goes live. We will be tossing votes toward entries and sending LVL to the ones we love the most. Make sure to post your videos on and use the tag #psybercrate and #uncrating so that we can find you!

Discounts on Crates

If you have 200K LVL in your Hive account before purchasing a Psybercrate, you'll get a 30% Discount! This isn't new information, we just wanted to remind you. We've said this for months and we've kept to our word! 😉

Show off Your NFTs!

When you open your crates, make sure to take a snap and share them on Hive so that others can see your gloating! Brag about your weaponry and armaments! If you get an OVERLORD NFT, let us know by using #overlord

Everyone will want to know who to watch out for on the battlefield and it could be you!

There are 90,000 Standard crates available with 10,000 crates that will be airdropped to those holding over 200K LVL on average...*

*see previous posts for details.

Social Links

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Twitter account psyberxofficial

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Official Youtube account Psyber X

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Our Instagram account PsyberXofficial

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Official 3Speak PsyberX Account

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Only 10% of Phase 1 LVL Allocation is still available


I have a Hive account, where do I get a Psyberx account. It does not seem possible??

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All set up and ready to go? Is it gonna be a live stream? I cant wait to open my crates, only a few hours left. The shitty thing is its gonna be 2 at night here for me so i hope ill be awake. !PIZZA


This sounds great! Big thx to PsyberX an his Team. At the Moment it looks very very good. Nice hopefully forcast on the Blockchain Gaming front.
cu EgiStar😆