Terracore - I upgraded almost everything in the game today


Hi everyone,
It's me again with another blog for everyone. In this blog I will share the stats that I upgraded in terracore today to remove penalties from my terracore base.

Below are my old stats. I am sharing them first as usual so that anyone who feels like comparing my old and new stats can do so.

To get away from all the penalties a single upgrade was sufficient but I decided to upgraded everything today apart from Engineering.

I consider Engineering as a dangerous stat to upgrade as it effects a lot on the number of incoming attacks one can get on their base.

That is the reason why I don't upgrade Engineering easily but anyways I upgraded the rest of the stats.

  • Stash size by 150 scrap staking.

  • Favor by burning 150 scraps.

  • Damage and defense by one level each as well were upgraded.

Now after these upgrades my new terracore base looks like that.

I have no complain with the defense but still I upgraded it as I don't want to leave this stat behind.

I consider that equally important for the base and if you are not upgrading defense then it is a bad practice in my opinion.

look at my base below.

There was not a single attack that was done on my base in last 14 days and that is because of the good defense of my base.

So make sure to give defense equal importance in your base as it helps you when someone wants to attack your base.

You are free to share your views on defense if you still play this game or if you played this game before.

So that was all about the new stats and my stat log activity from terracore gam on hive blockchain today.

I want to improve my gameplay with each day I play this game so feel free to share your suggestions that I can follow to further improve my overall gameplay. looking forward to the suggestions from pro players in the game.

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That's all for this blog, Thank you everyone for reading this blog and staying with me till the end.


good going.

It's been a long time I upgraded that much.