My Entry To Let's Make A Collage round 160

Hello everyone.
Hi Hi Amigos.

Welcome to my entry post to LMAC round 160 by @shaka

Let's Make A Collage A Contest For All Creatives on Hive Round 160 - 128 hive in the prize pool

The jelly guy and his friends lost their way into a deep forest, frightened they tried to find their way back home.
A beautiful and colorful home, even the forest loved it there.
When they eventually made it home, they were so happy.

Welcome to my finding light/home collage.

Images that I used in making my collage.

Jelly guy - T pose By @quantumg

Lady Of The forest By @adncabrera

Jelly guy jumping #1 By @quantumg

Jelly guy Walking By @quantumg


Sea star

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