The Most Special 6th Birthday 🎂


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I thought it is only right to share this touching post and the unique birthday video I made under the Creative Sunday celebration for this blog because they both inspire, both in terms of love and creativity, the fabulousness that went in to making my son’s sixth birthday memorable. By combining pictures, beautiful videography, and appropriate music to create a heartfelt program, I wished others could get ideas and creativity in terms of how to commemorate their children’s childhood.


This post is not just a recap of a birthday celebration that happened; rather, it is a celebration of art, a statement of the great relationship between a parent and a child. In this case, I believe that by having a glimpse at our personal lives, they will inspire everyone to appreciate what they have as well as come up with a better way of making their happy moments more special. Anyway, this is what Creative Sunday is all about – the idea that every day, we are filled with creativity and can bring some small change to the world through our stories.


Nothing can be as fulfilling as watching your child all happy and excited about something. The joy, the happiness, the entire face glowing like a candle on a birthday cake…These are the moments that, as parents, we wait for, and cherish in our hearts forever. The moments that people wish to recall and cherish in their memories for the rest of their lifetimes.


But, that is where the photographic and videographic technologies come in to the rescue. My son having his birthday on June 1st, I took it upon myself to capture his special day on camera and turn it into a memorable movie he can watch when he grows up. Meant to be more than just an application for photo sharing. A brimming birthday picture spectacular!


The birthday celebration started with a song from our family, singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song while his dad brought in extra soft drinks. If you could have seen our little man sitting there like a little king pin, enjoying all the affection. But wait, it cannot be a birthday celebration without a cake, which I had discreetly arranged to be bought at a local bakery later in the day. The plan was to bring it to church the following morning as a surprise for him.


June 2nd came and my anticipation was so high I felt like a little boy who has been waiting for Christmas eve. Not only was it Creative Sunday which is the perfect time to unveil the birthday video I had creating, but it was also our church’s Thanksgiving Sunday. My son looked so handsome in the senator cloth his dad had bought for him.


When we were called up to the altar to share our testimony, I stood tall and proud beside my boy as he thanked God for another year of life, family, and friends. His sweet little voice, so full of gratitude, moved the entire congregation.

After the service, it was time for the grand finale - the cake reveal! As we gathered around to take pictures with our church family, I unveiled the gorgeous creation. You should have heard the gasps and oohs and ahhs. It was a masterpiece! And the look on my son's face? Priceless.


But the blessings didn't stop there. My wonderful neighbor, the one who so generously baked the cake, surprised my boy with yet another specially packaged treat. And as if that was not enough, the husband to my sister decided to offer him cash as a gift.

It is rather ironic how the love just kept piling in. Overwhelmed with joy and with hundreds of memories captured in my camera, I hurriedly went home in order to create the perfect birthday surprise. I chose each photo and each video clip you see in this documentary and I edited them all, syncing with the uplifting song “Undignified” sung by Dunsin.


Finally, it was ready. I sat down at my computer, sighed, typed away, posted it on the Facebook page and waited for the likes and the comments to come pouring in.

Although, I am not usually active on facebook, but I save stuff there so I can always look back and smile.


Finally the most precious gift you could ever wish for? Sit back and watch his reaction to watching the music video for the first time, his big round eyes full of joy and happiness. “Mommy, did you make this for me?” He asked in a very low tone as if he didn’t believe what he was seeing. I was too overwhelmed to say anything so I simply hugged him close against my chest and wished him a happy birthday again.

The birthday video I created depicts the great love that a mother has towards his son and how strong their bond is. A reminder that, no matter how grown up he becomes, the path that life chooses for him will never change the fact I will always see him as my baby boy. And I will always stand or sit in the corner and cheer him up.


So here are my words of the day for you, my sweet darling at 6 years: May your special day be the sunshine to brighten and warm your whole year, full of smiles, happiness, and new discoveries. And May this video be something you can watch time and time again, and reminisce about even, of just how much love there is. Welcome to the world my loving son.


Maybe some day when my son is grown up enough, one day, were he can remember to search for the post that I wrote for him and he will watch this beautiful video. It will make his face light up and his heart happy and full and will remind him of all the love I showered him with when he turned 6 years old. Well, I sure hope this means that no matter how long it takes, that love that he had won’t disappear.
All images used are mine
Fun Fact: I celebrated his 5th Birthday in the Afritunes community with a song hehe for my Afritunes entry hehe.

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Happy birthday Nathaniel ❤️, live long and prosper 🙏❤️