your deck's next high-potential - my reason to play Spirit Hoarder in Splinterlands


Dear readers, here is another week and another entry of mine into Splinterlands' share-your-battle challenge! I am lucky it will again be a cheap review for me to create, this week! Not too long ago I purchased the neutral Spirit Hoarder when prices were even below today's level.

I think it will be an interesting review to create (and hopefully read!) because my initial intention in purchasing Spirit Hoarder was that all my opponents seem to have used it quite often. But ever since my purchase he has not seen too much use in my lineups.



So let us have a look at the Spirit Hoarder which is a Legendary card and Neutral:
first thought (+): It is another lovely cheap unit which costs only 3 mana.
second thought (+): For 3 mana it offers magic attack 1 aaand...
third thought (+): ...the 'Triage' ability which in essence makes Spirit Hoarder a healer, as well.

What can be gained by leveling up Spirit Hoarder?
Regarding its stats development: Actually it REALLY does NOT happen much in terms of stats while leveling up. BUT on level 4 Spirit Hoarder gains another point of magic attack which is something useful, at last!
Regarding its ability development: On the ability side of things there is so much more going on. Spirit Hoarder already gains 'Dispel' at level 2 and 'Blind' at level 3. In my experience 'Dispel' is not of too much importance in lower leagues but becomes more important when advancing through Splinterlands' leagues. 'Blind' is an ability I personally find myself using more often.


Now let us look at my Spirit Hoarder in battle:

Hard facts: Modern format, 16 Mana Cap, Additional rules: 'Tis but scratches'


My main idea in this lineup was obviously to inflict magical damage and boost it with Obsidian.
This part of my strategy was doomed after the lineups had been revealed because my opponent chose Thaddius as summoner... ;)
Although the Spirit Hoarder could have dealt more damage if not faced with Thaddius on the other side of the battlefield my strategy still included a special role for him to play. In my mind I had the idea that Regal Peryton would take some damage inflicted by enemy units attacking my backline while the Hoarder would heal Regal Peryton in turn.


I had a decent start in Round 1, dealt a lot of damage and 'only' lost my 0 point unit. No big deal, though.
Spirit Hoarder, however could not heal Regal because Silent Sha-Vi missed my Regal Peryton.


Unfortunately, though, my front line crumbled in Round 2... another unfortunate side effect (-1 health) of Thaddius summoner on the other side of the battle field.
Regal Peryton however was missed by Sha-Vi, again.


If you only look at this screen it looks like I had already lost this battle.
However it was Spirit Hoarders time to shine by healing Regal Peryton and bringing team jdike back into the game!


Next all of my units were eaten away by Silent Sha-vi. And we had the very interesting situation you see above!

Matchpoint situation for my opponent. Silent Sha-Vi only needed to hit once and it would be a loss for me.
Still the Silent Sha-vi managed to miss time after time and Regal Peryton dealt 1 point magic damage round after round...

until when my team finally won! ;)


So... again my view on Spirit Hoarder is only positive... in theory!

In real action however Spirit Hoarder more had the role of a joker unit. With its 'Triage' ability Spirit Hoarder was able to turn this battle in my favor. However I had much higher expectations on Spirit Hoarder both for this fight and in general, as well.

Do not get me wrong I will not abandon my opinion that Spirit Hoarder is a good unit! But perhaps it will show its full strength in later stages of the game!

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