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The big picture of HBIT

Hivebits came after its big sister, LUV. The idea of Hivebits is your effort gives you a reward. The only way an HBIT exists is by someone's effort, somewhere at some point on the Hive blockchain. Since 9/10/2022, HBIT has been integrated into Wusang: Isle of Blaq, the World's Ultra Simple Asset Numbers Game.

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The introduction post is here and the About post is here.

Ave. daily HBIT emitted120 (136 last qtr)See Graph 1 below.
30 day ave. emitted65 (81 last qtr)See Graph 1.
Current circulating supply50,000 (40,000 last qtr)See Graph 2.
Wallets that have held HBIT3,827 (3,168 last qtr)
Wallets holding > 0 HBIT3,306 (3,259 last qtr)
HBIT Whales25HBIT whales are those in the top 25 of HBIT holders. See richlist here or here. HBIT badge account: @badge-126842. If you feel you should be a whale, please contact @crrdlx.
Current Whale-of-Whales@hannes-stoffel with 2,100 HBITThis is the largest HBIT holder, followed by @bananofarmer and @thatgermandude in 2nd and 3rd.
% HBIT released due to users' effort:100%Every HBIT represents someones conscious effort on the Hive blockchain.

Graph 1 - HBIT emissions

Hivebits shared via the HBITbot.

Graph 2 - circulating supply

The circulating supply of HBIT. This is the amount of HBIT minted, but not necessarily in circulation. Most tokens are in Hive wallets, except for those in the @Hivebits account which are on standby waiting to be released when a Hive user calls the HBITbot.

Some quick hits:

  • Graph 1 shows a hump shape. That looks like a decline, and it is a decline in emissions of HBIT. But, I view this as a good thing. First, the peak of the hump was due to malicious activities - a few users were farming Hivebits using multiple alt usernames. Secondly, that type of false emission inflated the supply. With the emission lower, the circulating supply increases less quickly. Simple economics dictates that that's good for value.

  • Graph 2 shows a generally stable rate of growth in the circulating supply. I say generally, because Hivebits is young. Actually, today, January 1, 2023, is its first birthday!

Hivebits (HBIT) is one year old today.

  • Hivebits had a spinoff toward the end of quarter 3 in the form of the "Wusang" game - World's Ultra Simple Asset Numbers Game. It's a very simple game of chance, basically like rolling dice. To play, you simply reply to one of your own posts with an HBIT or Wusang command (like !hbit or !wusang). You are automatically "paid" one HBIT for your work. And, a random number is automatically generated so that you might find a hidden treasure token as well. It's just for the sheer fun of it. (And bonus treasure tokens!) Read the details at https://wusangisleofblaq.netlify.app

  • The LUVstore is here. Yes, you can buy things with LUV or HBIT (as well as with other Hive-Engine tokens). Currently, it's only NFTs for sale, but maybe in the future...who knows? I'm still looking for someone to sell something, ideally a physical item, in exchange for HBIT. That "pizza day" moment would make you an immediate Hivebits legend!

Looking forward

Looking ahead, the plan is to stay the course. Mainly, the plan is to maintain the one thing that I feel distinguishes Hivebits (HBIT)...every single HBIT exists because someone on the Hive blockchain purposely, with intention, took an action to mine that coin. HBIT is not a passive income token. HBIT is an active token. It is earned only via effort. Like Bitcoin's proof of work, HBIT has proof of comment.

3,827 wallets have held HBIT because of their own purposeful actions (or got it as gifts from others' purposeful actions). To me, that means something.

Summary and final thoughts

HBIT is doing just fine in my view. It's young, it holds the side-game of @Wusang, and every single HBIT is backed by someone's effort on the Hive blockchain.

written by @crrdlx

HBIT whale badge awarded to the top 25 HBIT holders.

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