HBIT's smallest unit has been named


HBIT's smallest unit is a...


Congratulations to @noctury who nominated "quark" to serve as the "satoshi" of Hivebits!

The voting among all suggestions was so close that a run off between the top two was necessary. In the head-to-head, a clear winner emerged: quark. The run off voting was 63.2% for quark and 36.8% for bitoshi (suggested by @arthursiq5).

The prize was determined to be one-half of the HBIT holdings in the official mine account, @hivebits.mine. Right now, that account holds 96.4 HBIT.

So, the prize is 48.2 HBIT to go to @noctury. I also decided that, since the initial voting was so close at 419 to 418, I'd match the prize to the second place person from my own HBIT wallet. So, 48.2 will go to @arthursiq5 from @crrdlx as well.

Transfer to @noctury from @hivebits.mine: https://he.dtools.dev/tx/e922a85e80276b2157821c627124e6cb2a8a2be6

Transfer to @arthursiq5 from @crrdlx: https://he.dtools.dev/tx/a15c81c3fb90772a0953c9b255d9a7e1b71ad5bf

Thanks and wrap up

Thanks again to all who entered or voted. I was pretty amazed at how clever some of the suggestions were and was happy with the engagement.

Hivebits is still very young (about 6 months), but slowly growing. Since the start, a goal of Hivebits was to somewhat mimic things Bitcoin. Of course, HBIT is mostly for the sheer fun of it and is far, far from Bitcoin. Yet, having the Hivebits "quark" serve as the Bitcoin "satoshi" is in line with the initial plan. I think, even more importantly, a Hivebits community is slowly building.

Congratulations again to @noctury, a Hivebits legend!


There will be a follow-up contest later to give away the other half of the @hivebits.mine HBIT. I'll wait a while on this contest, but if you want an inside scoop...join either of these places, I'll drop a hint, and you'll have a head start! :)

Subscribe to the LUV-HBIT Community: https://peakd.com/c/hive-159259
Join the LUV-HBIT Discord: https://discord.gg/K5GvNhcPqR

Stack your quarks!

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Thank you for the contest :)

I am glad that "quark" is the winner.