HBIT Hivebits quarter report Q1 2023


The big picture of HBIT

Hivebits came after its big sister, LUV. The idea of Hivebits is your effort gives you a reward. The only way an HBIT exists is by someone's effort, somewhere at some point on the Hive blockchain. Since 9/10/2022, HBIT has been integrated into Wusang: Isle of Blaq, the World's Ultra Simple Asset Numbers Game.

Prior reports:
Quarter 3 2022 - https://peakd.com/hive-159259/@hivebits/quarter-3-report-2022
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The introduction post is here and the About post is here. I try to keep the About page up-to-date.

Ave. daily HBIT emitted108 (120 last qtr)See Graph 1 below.
30 day ave. emitted64 (65 last qtr)See Graph 1.
Current circulating supply60,000 (50,000 last qtr)See Graph 2.
Wallets that have held HBIT3,874 (3,827 last qtr)
Wallets holding > 0 HBIT3,269 (3,306 last qtr)
HBIT Whales29HBIT whales are those in the top 25 of HBIT holders. See richlist here or here. HBIT badge account: @badge-126842. If you feel you should be a whale, please contact @crrdlx.
Current Whale-of-Whales@hannes-stoffel with 3,239 HBITThis is the largest HBIT holder, followed by @bananofarmer and @thatgermandude in 2nd and 3rd. Check your status on the HBIT richlist.
% HBIT released due to users' effort:100%Every HBIT represents someones conscious effort on the Hive blockchain.

Graph 1 - HBIT emissions

Hivebits shared via the HBITbot.

Graph 2 - circulating supply

The circulating supply of HBIT. This is the amount of HBIT minted, but not necessarily in circulation. Most tokens are in Hive wallets, except for those in the @Hivebits account which are on standby waiting to be released when a Hive user calls the HBITbot.


I know I'm biased, but I feel Hivebits (HBIT) is unique on the Hive chain. It operates like a "tip token," but it's not one. It's an "effort token" or a "work token." Modeled after Bitcoin's work ethos, the only way any HBIT gets released into the wild is by a person actually doing something on Hive. It's not hard work at all. But, it is work. There are no airdrops, interest, stake rewards, nothing except a Hive user's action. In this way, HBIT is effectively back by effort, backed by work.

And, oh...

Don't forget, Hivebits (HBIT) is integrated with Wusang: Isle of Blaq. Wusang is a very, very simple game. In fact, it's the World's Ultra Simple Asset Numbers Game. Playing Wusang is as simple as mining HBIT. Although it's simple, finding a bonus treasure token, especially a BLAQGOLD or BLAQEMRLD always makes me smile. Read the story here.

And for fun, let's check the Wusang tokens richlist:

Looking forward

The question arises, "What's the use case?" My thoughts:

  1. Fun.
  2. Collecting, which is fun.
  3. Who knows? I'm a believer that people are ingenious and that we can come up with ideas. I'm looking for someone to find their own use case for HBIT, or for the Wusang tokens. Lack of imagination is not an option!
Summary and final thoughts

HBIT is doing just fine in my view. Mine HBIT, play Wusang, enjoy.

written by @crrdlx

HBIT whale badge awarded to the top 25 HBIT holders.

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