Battle Mage Secrets: Slowest First!

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Hello dear Hive and Splinterlands community and welcome to another Cantfoldaces blog post about the Weekly Battle Mage Secrets.

Speeed, Speeeed Meta, ALL about who's Faster! NOT ANYMORE this week is total reversal as the slowest ones gets the honor to perform FIRST in this week's theme:

Reverse Speed

  • Monsters with lower speeds will attack before monsters with higher speeds. Miss calculations based on speed will also be reversed .
  • Units with the Bloodlust ability will increase speed after killing a unit.

NB: Bloodlust was nerfed in Reverse Speed as it used to NOT increase speed when this ability is triggered!

This is the total opposite of the current Meta, Speed Manipulation Summoners and Abilities should not be used as it will put you at a disadvantage:

  • Swiftness: Increase Friendly Speed by 1
  • Slow: Decrease Enemy Speed by 1

On a side note, it is preferred to go for a Magic team composition since most Mages tend to have a low Speed this gaining a natural advantage in this Ruleset

With this let's jump right into the battle:

This is a battle on my last Brawl Fray featuring the following Rulesets:


  • Maximum Mana
  • All Elements Available
  • Ruleset: Reverse Speed
  • Strat: As I mentionned before I'll be picking magic damage Monsters and assuming my opponent will go for either the Magic Earth Team or Fire team as it tends to have lots of low Speed Heavy Damage monsters! si I went with the following composition:
Since it's more likely that enemy will choose Magic, Void would be key to nerf the upcoming Magic Damade, Moreover, Shatter will break any potential High Armored Tank leaving it vulnerable.
ProtectAs I have to luccury of infinite Mana I've picked the Bear: he's Tanky, he bites hard and most importantly he protecc
ReachA secondary tank with enough health, respectable damage 3 Melee and most importantly 1 Speed to be the one to draw the first blood
SilenceWhat's better than halving the upcoming Magic Damage with Void: Reducing it with Silence! And making them deal ZERO Magic damage to my team! (if only left with 1 Magic Damage)
Tank HealGoblin got the damage and the utility but its only weakness is its low speed, NOT anymore in this battle!
SneakAnyone familiar with the worm will complain about this: it misses A LOT! This time its almost garantee that it'll ruthlessly deliver a 5 damage sneak attack to the backline!
TauntWill Attract 99% of enemy attacks, becoming even tankier with the Void if facing magic attacks and would buy enough time for my other monsters to deal Damage while being safe!

Round 1


  • Half my expectation was right as the enemy picked Fire Monsters, Mycelic Slipspawn won't resist for long but luckily I did bring Protect to the Team as it saved my taunt from the devastating enemy Sand Worm attack.
  • On the other hand, I've got a total of 6 Magic Damage output that will get rid on the Lava on the first Round.

Round 2


  • Both Our backlines were elminated, a bigger loss for me as my Taunt got defeated with enemy sand worm attack
  • That MISS from Arkemis the bear was so sad 😅
  • The battle still ON:

Round 3


  • Oh yeah, forgot the mention that I made Djinn Apprentice totally useless with the Void + Silence combo
  • The battle shifting into my favot as I eliminated both Desintegrator and Djinn Apprentice

Round 4


Nothing much left for the enemy team to perform as only a couple of attacks for Bramble Pixie and Goblin Psychic were needed to Clinch the Victory on this Battle


Here's the link for this Battle

Post Battle

Even when it didn't go as expected, having set up a strong team and adapting to the ruleset was the key to attain the Victory.
I would've been a one-sided stomp if I were faced against a Magic Team.
Assuming we had a lower mana cap: I would go for Mycelic Infantry (with both Shield + Void) + Queen Mycelia (Protect) as both of them have 1 Speed

Thank you for reading till now and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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